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Our cheese and wine tasting workshop in Paris [LIVE]


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Like cheese? Get to know it! Discover its most hidden mysteries. Under the rind there is an exceptional know-how. During our workshops tasting of cheeses and wines in Paris, our expert cheesemaker tells you all the secrets of this product that makes our happiness and pride. Today we want to give you an overview of these workshops held in one of the best cheese shops in Paris. An article without moderation …

A cheese tasting in the heart of Paris

The appointment is taken on the afternoon. It is Pierre Brisson, our expert cheesemaker that welcomes you to the famous Enfants Rouges market. Through a back door, he takes you into the basements of a family dairy: Fromagerie Jouannault. The decor is perfect. You are now in the vaulted cellars of the 17th century!

Before starting the tasting, presentation of the maturing cellar! A paradise for cheese lovers. There is a cheese for every taste: the hard, the soft, the ugly, the beautiful, for sure, you will know all about cheese! And Pierre Brisson is never missing of anecdotes about it.

Did you know that the big cheeses traditionally come from the mountainous regions?

How do you make cheese?

Great question that our cheese expert is happy to answer. No big lecture but a friendly conversation. Curdling, draining, salting, molding, pressing, refining, washing, all these steps are crucial in producing a tasty product.

Moreover, when do we taste? ?

How to pair cheeses and wines?

Time to get serious: the tasting. At the sight of the knife on the table, we say that cutting the cheese is not something to be taken lightly.

Yes. The cut, look, feeling and taste of cheese deserves attention.

“Take the time to melt each piece of cheese between the tongue and palate,” says Pierre Brisson. His hobby is the « caséologie » : science related to the study and knowledge of cheese. Because tasting it is an art !

Our cheese expert would show it to you cheese after cheese, wine after wine : The pairings are delicious and sometimes surprising. Red wine or white wine? The answer is not always what we think. On set, the 7 families of cheese for a game that awakens your taste buds.

The rest of the story? Come and discover it! We look forward to telling you all the good advice not eat your cheese anymore but to taste it !

How to participate in our workshops tasting cheese and wine in Paris? By clicking on this link! See you soon ?

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