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How do you cut cheese?


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A table, il y a toujours deux conversations lorsque l’on passe au fromage : « est-ce que tu manges la croûte ? » et « comment dois-je le couper ?

When eating, there are always two conversations when it is time for cheese: “do you eat the rind ?” and “How should I cut it?”

So, let’s answer the second question:
First of all, Internet is full of sites that explain in detail, cheese by cheese, shape by shape, how to do it.

But I’m pretty sure that 95% of the time, Internet users do not remember because there is too much to remember at once.


I will therefore offer the explanation that I always give during my tasting workshops and teaching in hospitality schools.

Simply “think about others” before yourself and ask yourself this question:

“If I continue to cut the cheese this way, will the last person only get the rind? As everyone has to have part of the center of the cheese and part of the rind”

That’s it! This is pretty basic and it will allow you to cut almost any type of cheese intuitively!

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