How much cheese per person?


Here is a summary of the quantity of cheese per person to plan for depending on the type of event:

Depending on the event, the mood, the physical condition of the person or the level of withdrawal (for expatriates in the United States…!), the amount of cheese to plan for will differ.

  • To end a meal (large meal prior to cheese)

    You should plan for 60 to 80g of cheese per person.(2.10 and 2.8oz)

  • To end a meal (you want to spotlight the cheese!)

    You should plan for 90 to 100g of cheese per person.(3.17 to 3.60oz)

  • For an aperitif

    Count 70g of cheese per person.(2.5oz)

  • For a cocktail party

    count 150 to 250g of cheese per person (depending on the diversity of the products planned for the cocktail).(5.30 – 8.80oz)

  • For a 100% cheese dinner

    You should plan for 250g of cheese per person.(8.80oz)

  • For a meal of cheese and local produce (cold cuts, salads, terrines, patés...)

    count 150 to 200g (5.30 to 7oz) of cheese per person, 150g (5.30oz) of meat per person, without forgetting bread in large quantities (250g (8.8oz) per person).

  • For a raclette

    You will need between 150 and 200g (5.30 to 7oz) per person. If you are on the greedy side, count 200g (7oz). It is also nice to vary the types of raclette!

Beware, people tend to overestimate the need for cheese because they fear they will not have enough. Cheese is very filling.

That being said, if you have a lot of cheese left: don’t throw them out because most cheeses don’t expire! It can also be an opportunity to try out new recipes with cheese.


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