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The May cheese : the Laguiole


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Do you know the Laguiole ? No, not the knife but the cheese ! The one you recognize by its brown rind and its dough ranging from ivory to pale yellow. The one which brings out all its character with age. The pride of farmers of the plateau de l’Aubrac. Presentation of acheese like no other. its terroir, its manufacturing, its tasting, we reveal the secrets of the Laguiole so you can savor it fully this month of May.

Identity card of the Laguiole

I am a mature cheese which tastes of cow’s milk with fresh hay and dry nutty aromas. I am a pressed uncooked cheese produced at an altitude ranging from 800 to 1400 m. I am ? I am ? I am ? The Laguiole (pronounced: Layol), a fourme of whole raw milk (that we love)!

It is on theAubrac, a high volcanic and granite plateau of the Massif Central, that this cheese is forging his character before getting into our plates. It owes its name to the village of Laguiole located in the Aveyron.

The making of Laguiole

If the Laguiole knife (from the name of the same municipality) can be manufactured anywhere in the world, the Laguiole cheese is an designation of controlled origin (AOC) and a designation of protected origin (AOP). The milk production, manufacturing and maturing of the cheese must be done in the region of theAubrac at the boundaries of the departments of theAveyron, the Cantal and the Lozère.

The characteristics of the Laguiole? It is made with summer and fall milks. Its curd, after being pressed, is crushed again and then pressed again. An entire program to get an exquisite result ! This marbled cheese keeps for a long time and its maturing can exceed 14 months for a clear and rustic flavor !

Ce fromage à la texture marbrée se conserve longtemps et son affinage peut dépasser les 14 mois pour un goût franc et rustique !

The tasting of the Laguiole

At breakfast, lunch and dinner! Seriously though, it is usually enjoyed as a starter or at the end of a meal. Enjoy just after a Cantal and a Salers…

What drinks to go with it? If it is young, opt for a fruity red wine like a 100% Syrah from the Northern Rhone Valley. Or, dare to have a white Chenin Montlouis-sur-Loire. You‘ll be so happy you did ! If it is older with roasted or grilled notes, treat yourself to an old vintage, a Bordeaux wine or a 10 to 15 year old Burgundy.

The Laguiole is used in many fine home recipes. Piece of veal with Laguiole, potato patties, soufflé… It is also one of the ingredients of the famous culinary specialty of the Aubrac region, thealigot. It is used in its non-matured form called fresh tome!

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