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The June cheese : the Beaufort


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Handsome, strong, it is the Beaufort, star of the cheeses of Savoy ! With its concave heel, his pale yellow batter and highly recognizable character, it deserves a prime spot on your cheese trays.

Identity card of the Beaufort

In the beginning was the mountain… the beautiful Savoyard grass, between Beaufortain, Maurienne, Tarentaise and part of the Valley of Arly.

Then came the cows, Tarine or Abondance breed. Each spring, they ride the assault of pastures to graze during the good season. In winter, they stay warm in the stables and feast on hay from the valleys.

Add it up… This produces a cheese ofDesignation of Protected Origin both fruity and strong, which exists in several versions, like the summer or alpine chalet version.

vaches au pré

The making of Beaufort

Raw and whole milk: it is the basis of the Beaufort. It goes through several stages of renneting, curdling, of cutting, brewing, cooking to finally reach the phases of casting (in a wooden circle, where the characteristic concave heel of this cheese comes from) and pressing.

Flipped over and then salted, the wheels of about 40 kg are finally reaching the maturing process on spruce shelves.. Incellars, they will be turned over and salted about twice a week, and this for at least 5 to 12 months before the Beaufort is ready to be tasted. An entire program to get an exquisite result!

Tout un programme pour un résultat exquis!

Tasting the Beaufort

Rich in taste, the Beaufort knows how to seduce all palates, from the youngest to the more experienced ones. On your cheese tray, or in a good Savoyard recipe, it will find its place without any issue.

To pair it nicely with a wine that will enhance its character, it is better to know what type of Beaufort you will taste. A young Beaufort will love the company of a white Côte-du-Jura, while a real mature cheese will be divine with a Pouilly-fuissé.

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