When cheese invites itself to your wedding

The wedding dress, the guests, the flowers, the cake, a successful wedding requires flawless organization. But have you thought about cheese? Don’t forget this special guest! It must have a prominent place in the composition of your wedding menuTrays or cheese buffets, our cheese expert gives you all the good tips for an unforgettable wedding meal.

Tray or cheese buffet?

Table service or plate in the hand, it’s your choice. In both cases, pay special attention to the presentation of your cheeses. Wicker, wood, glass, slate, ceramic, all natural materials are good to showcase your cheeses. Add dried apricots or grapes and nuts.

Quick Tip: use ‘flag’ picks with the cheeses’ names to inform guests and guide their choices.

As far as bread goes, sublimate your cheeses ! Small bread rolls, toasts, breadsticks, bread with figs, nuts or raisins.

Soft or hard cheeses?

Both my dear. Keep things interesting !  There should be something for everyone. Hard, blue cheese, blue-veined cheeses, flowered rind, washed rindt, goat cheese, sheep cheese, every cheese can join the party to celebrate your love.

For a simple advice or to request a detailed offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

fromage mariage

Too much or not enough?

Fear of lacking. We all suffer from it!  We help you control it. No panic, everything will be fine. For a grand meal finale, to fill the greedy and the gourmets, count between 60 and 90g per person.

For more details, see our article to know exactly how much cheese is needed per person.

Red wine or white wine?

The eternal question. Which wine for which cheese? Be wary of preconceived ideas.  White holds its place with cheese. It fits perfectly with goat cheese, roquefort, comté, beaufort, just to name a few.

Dare to drink Champagne with a truffled brillat-savarin for a perfect marriage of flavors. Don’t eat cheese anymore, savor it !

And why not invite the caseology to your table? Our cheese expert offers a savory activity. How to taste cheeses and wines ? He explains it all to you. This subtle art will have no more secrets for you and your guests!

Square or triangle?

How do you cut cheese? Rind or no rind? The rule is simple: cut the cheese so you bring together the heart and the rind We don’t want to miss a beat!

How do you cut cheese ? Click on the link for more explanations from of our cheese-making expert.

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