The Emmental a Gruyere not like the others

What do mice eat in cartoons? A good gruyere? No, an emmental, that cheese with characteristic holes. Don’t mix up the largest of French cheeses anymore, learn about it and to taste it properly ! Emmental, gruyère, comté, what differences? In the kitchen or around the table, it’s often confusing : “Could you pass me the gruyere ? No, it’s the …

Our cheese and wine tasting workshop in Paris [LIVE]

Like cheese? Get to know it! Discover its most hidden mysteries. Under the rind there is an exceptional know-how. During our workshops tasting of cheeses and wines in Paris, our expert cheesemaker tells you all the secrets of this product that makes our happiness and pride. Today we want to give you an overview of these workshops held in one …

English cheese blog

english cheese blog

We apologize to our english speaking readers as this blog will not be always translated from french to english. We cannot really take the time to offer this.   However, we are happy to link good quality english speaking cheese blogs : : an english and french blog about everything related to cheese and dairy.