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Top 5 of farmer’s cheeses to enjoy this summer

They are your freshness allies for your summer meals and flavor guarantees for your barbecue with friends: focus on the summer stars of cheeses !

The Rocamadour: a sweet and distinctive goat cheese

“My love is gone with the wolf in the caves of Rocamadour” goes the song.. .and without any doubt it is to find this sweet and strong goat cheese !

Small but strong depending on its degree of maturation, the Rocamadour is the pride of the Southwest where it’s still, in fact, still often calledCabécou -its name before receiving its AOP in 1999.
For the tasting, take a good bread with a crisp crust and tight crumbs, put a quarter of Rocamadour on a bite, cover it with a teaspoon of artisan honey (acacia type)… and let us know what you think.

The Crottin de chèvre : the quintessence of taste

If the most famous crottin de chèvre is the Chavignol, manufactured in the Cher and AOP since 1996, there are some other crottins de chèvre that are as interesting. The crottin, the star of your cheese trays, has a cylindrical shape and a clearly recognizable flowery rind.

You can eat it at various degrees of maturation, and the explosion of flavors can go very far (undergrowth, hazelnuts…), but we advise you to opt for a young crottin or barely blue one in the summer. Drizzle with olive oil and add some fresh thyme to give it a little provençal twist.

The heart of Neuchatel: a (true) love of a cheese

Isn’t it adorable, that cheese shaped as a heart, with delicately flowered rind ? According to the legend, thelove of Normandy farmers girls for English soldiers, during the 100 years war, gave it the characteristic shape. That being said, it is also found in other shapes today (paved, brick, etc.) but it’s far more poetic to focus on its original form…

And under the rind of the heart of Neufchatel, we stumble across a real treasure. The cream of the famous Normandy cows is expressed with sweetness and opulence (or more character with a more mature cheese) to deliver an exceptional tasting experience. A true love cheese we tell you.

The Brin d’Amour : Corsica coming to your plate

Here is a sheep chese who smells like scrubs and the sun! More than a cheese, theBrin d’amour is an experience unto itself: coated with savory, rosemary, juniper, it tells us about Corsica like no other (or pretty much).
If this exceptional cheese requires special attention at tasting, it will quickly become a staple for your beautiful summer tables. With a temperamental rosé, like Costières de Nîmes, the mix will just be perfect!

The fiancé of the Pyrenees: for the love of mountains

Love, undoubtedly, is the focus of summer cheeses! A feeling that takes us to the four corners of France… and Navarre, since we wiill end our trip with the Pyrenees. Here a Canadian singer and a cheese maker fell in love so hard that they needed their own cheese to declare it to the whole world.

The fiancé des Pyrenees is a treasure of delicacy, a goat cheese which evokes the Reblochon but with a strong character. In fact, it will love the company of an enchanting wine such as the Chateauneuf-du-Pape to reveal all its subtlety!

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