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Initiation to «caséologie»


The Art of cheese and wine tasting in Paris, introduction to cheese making, with friendly and passionnate cheese masters

Un fromager en atelier

Welcome to the cheese school !

In central Paris, come into this (cheesy) world and meet friendly and passionate cheese and wine experts. Put your hands into the curd and learn the art of cheese making.
For those who are eager to taste straight away the aged and well ripened artisanal cheeses, there you are! Our 17th century cellar and alpine style chalet are waiting for you for tastings workshop you will remember !

This is a unique place in the heart of Paris, next to Place de la République and the famous Canal Saint Martin. This cheese shop and sort of school is truly a showcase of the know how of cheese. From B to Z. Because we leave the « A » to the cows, goats and sheeps in the countryside !

Great moments of gastronomy and friendliness are garantied !

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vaches au pré

French wine Tasting

French wine tasting with an expert (cheese on side :-)

What a better place that a cheese shop and school to learn everything about...wine !
You will be taken to an incredible Tour de France of wine

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69 € par personne

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Introduction to cheese and wine

Discover cheese in an authentic and professionnal environment! Enjoy tasting and pairing exceptionnal cheeses with wonderful wines, in the 17th century cheese cellar of the Marais cheese shop !

70 € per person

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The AMATEUR tasting

The art of pairing fromages with vins

wine tasting paris

The art of pairing fromages (cheese) with vins (wines)! Discover the wonders of great pairings and learn how to find new ones.
Enjoy a great diversity of cheeses and wines, then make them speak to eachother :)

Friends, Lovers or Enemies.... there are many ways to make it magnific

95 € per person

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Cheesemaking and tasting

Cheesemaking workshop and cheeses and wine tasting

Guided by passionnate experts you will learn the know how of making cheese ! It will be a very fun and friendly moment finished by a wonderful cheese and wine tasting experience.


70 € per person

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What is fascinating is that with one only product, the milk, we can make so many types of cheeses !

rond vin gauche


Organise a buffet : high quality products to make your events looking and tasting great !

Like a caterer, but handeled by your cheese monger, our offers are ideal.

Cheese and food connoisseur will appreciate the seriousness and the quality of our work. Gourmets will enjoy great cheese and charcuterie plates, home made cakes, salads and deserts.

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Professional training

Become a cheesemonger

You are taught by professional cheese masters, in this unique place in the heart of Paris. This is a unique chance for you to get totally immersed in a professional environment and learn the basics and the in depth craft of cheese.

Discover our training program

Corporate events, between friends and family : privatize your cheese shop !
Tastings, raclette party, fondue…

raclette fondue bandeau

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