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Cheesemaking workshop and cheeses and wine tasting

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With our cheese expert, you put on your apron, wash your hands, and you’re ready to go!
After a visit to the aging cellar and once you’re well-acclimated to the delightful aromas of the aged cheeses, it’s off to the production room. It is here that the cheesemaker will introduce you to the secrets and wonderful subtleties of cheese making.


What Awaits You:
A cheesemaker who only wants one thing: to share his passion with you!
A friendly moment
A visit to the aging cellar
A fresh tomme + an additional surprise cheese
A small tasting at the end with a glass of wine 😉

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We Loved It!

2 March 2024

What a fantastic decision we made to go here! We had a lovely walk to the location and it only got better from there. Romain, our host, was an absolute joy, and his passion for cheese coupled with his remarkably friendly personality made this a must-do when in Paris. We’d go again in a minute, and we’ll certainly visit for the terrific choices in awesome cheeses, and charcuterie. Couldn’t have been better! Thank you Romain and crew at Paroles de Fromager!


The Best Experience Ever!!

26 November 2023

Guillaum is the best! He is so entertaining and knowledgeable! He kept our attention and made sure we left with more knowledge than when we arrived. He taught us so much! We made a very mild cheese and a butter. We learned so much about cheese, its production, and everything that goes into it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Cheese & butter making

2 November 2023

Pierre was brilliant and knowledgeable. We made cheese and butter and his passion for the process was so fun. Would thoroughly recommend to all!


Teenager approved, fantastic experience

18 October 2023

This is a fantastic class from learning the types and geographies of French cheese but also into a little of the science of how different types of cheese is created. My teen son and I did this class on a recent trip and it was a hit with him, as well. The instructor was fantastic and interesting. A great “out of the box” visit activity, especially in winter when the weather outside isn’t fabulous.


Would definitely recommend!

6 October 2023

Pierre was an excellent guide as we made cheese and butter. It was very interactive and I learned a ton about cheese making. Would definitely recommend!


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