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What is the healthiest cheese? – TOP 5

 Are you one of those people who love cheese and its treats, but need to watch your figure? If you’re looking to build a low-calorie diet or have a little too much cholesterol, it can be particularly useful to know the list of the least fatty and healthiest cheeses. To continue to enjoy eating cheese without restricting yourself, let’s go!

Let’s not beat about the bush! As far as we know, the healthiest cheese on earth is the cancoillotte: a French cheese from the Franche-Comté region. To find out more about this cheese and the top 5 healthiest cheeses, go here with Paroles de Fromagers!

sandwich avec camembert

Our Top 5 of the healthiest cheeses to eat

No, not all cheeses are fatty and caloric. In France alone, there are at least 1,200 varieties of cheese, so you can find the cheese you like and control your calorie intake. Do you think that cheeses with less fat are necessarily bland and tasteless? Fortunately, this is not true! In this non-exhaustive list of the 5 lowest calorie cheeses chosen by Paroles de Fromagers, French cheesemakers, you will have something to enjoy. Let’s see them together!

5. Camembert

Surprise! Contrary to popular belief, Camembert is actually one of the lowest-calorie cheeses on the market. This soft cow’s milk cheese with a bloomy rind is one of the emblems of French gastronomy! Generally, the more you keep it, the stronger it is, as cheese lovers like it with strong flavors. For a 100 grams portion, Camembert cheese contains an average of only 265 kcal. Nothing too much, in short. No need to feel guilty, just enjoy it, but always in moderation. 

4. Mozzarella

Yummy! A good tomato salad with mozzarella, a pizza, nuggets revisited, lasagna… The recipe ideas to cook with this Italian cheese are infinite. What luck! Mozzarella or “mozza”, as it is called by cheese lovers, is one of the lowest calorie cheeses to consume. To give you an idea, when you consume 100 grams of mozzarella, you count about 264 kcal. Between Camembert and mozzarella, the battle of the kcal is hard, but what is sure is that this cheese with spun paste and cow or buffalo’s milk is among the least fat. Enjoy it!

3. Fresh goat cheese

Oh là là… What a wonder! Fresh goat cheese is a cheese with a high water content, which makes it a very low-calorie dish. Delicious with honey or alone at the time of the cheese, in tagliatelle or to decorate a vegetable pie, the goat cheese counts approximately 210 kcal by portion of 100 grams. A delicacy that you can never get enough of!

2. Ricotta cheese 

On the second place of our podium, a famous Italian cheese, both very dietetic and anti-waste: ricotta cheese. Why anti-waste? Ricotta is usually made from whey, a commodity that is often wasted and thrown away. For an average of 176 kcal per 100 gram serving, ricotta will become the best friend of cheese lovers who are careful about their figure. Ricotta ravioli is a marvel… it’s said.

1. The cancoillotte

We are not a little proud, WE’RE SO PROUD! The cheese with the least calories, unanimously, is the cancoillotte: a 100% French cheese specialty. Originally from Franche-Comté, this processed cheese made from skimmed and pasteurized cow’s milk has an average of 120 kcal per 100 grams. Cancoillotte is made from curdled skimmed milk (metton), water and butter. Delicious in a potato gratin or in a pie!

Good to know: cottage cheese and other fresh cheeses are, most of the time, among the least caloric. 

Which cheeses are high fat?

Now that you know which cheeses are the least fatty on the market, let’s move on to the ones with the most calories: the highest fat cheeses. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the highest calorie cheeses, those guilt-inducing wonders: ;

  • comté cheese ;
  • Beaufort cheese ;
  • parmesan cheese ; 
  • Emmental cheese ; 
  • Roquefort cheese ; 
  • Gouda cheese… 

Ah… But they are so good! To be consumed in moderation for all those who are watching their diet, of course!

How many calories are there in Comté cheese?

Do you like comté cheese, like millions of other people? Note that in general, there are between 380 and 400 kcal in a 100 gram portion of comté. It is undoubtedly one of the highest fatty cheeses on the market. It is hard to resist, but we must try to eat small portions to remain reasonable. Let’s give it a try!

What is the lowest calorie hard cheese?

We won’t lie to you, hard cheeses are mostly among the most caloric. If we had to name one, we would talk about halloumi, a semi-hard Cypriot cheese that has about 320 kcal per 100 grams.

At Paroles de Fromagers, from Paris, we wanted to show you that eating cheese is not incompatible with calorie control and the wish to lose weight. A good camembert or goat cheese with wholemeal bread and you’re done! Pleasure and control! 

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